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Packing Supplies

  • Deluxe Tape Gun
    $24.95 Deluxe Tape Gun
    Dispense 2" PVC type packaging tapes. Super Smooth operation Adjustable brakes   Tape not included with tape gun...

  • 2" tape roll
    $2.50 2" Clear Packaging Tape
    2" wide 110 yard long clear acrylic tape. This is the tape we use the most here for all of our packaging. Get several rolls today...

  • 3" Packaging Tape
    $5.00 3" Packaging Tape
    3" 110 yard long. This is a very high strength tape. We use for our 60 pound boxes to hold them together. This is known as a hot melt tape. Once it goes on it does not come off. It's the tape that lets you relax after you...